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Last Hero Standing

by Neverwhere

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Reckless 03:43
Listen up now, ladies and louts Settle down, take a seat in the crowd And I'll present my limit Of all the ghosts and the games And the bullshit within it You worked so hard to convince us That I was the witch and you were the princess Did I smash through your castle of glass? Expose the lies in your heart And the jealous remarks? Nobody knows all the trouble that you've seen Nobody knows but me CHORUS You're just a player on a station (I'm reckless, so reckless) You're just a junkie for attention (I'm reckless, so reckless) You had your hand upon a wrecking ball You know I won't just let you wreck it all 'Cuz I'm reckless, I'm reckless And you'll wreck less now I'm onto you Oh poor darling, you might have said That you had me right on the edge But you've never known a girl like me Who can defend to the end All the things she believes I'm moving on, I'll leave you behind You'll awaken in my wake just to find You lost the war you started While you were high on a lie At your pity party Nobody knows all the trouble that you've seen Nobody knows but me CHORUS Some good things are never meant to last More than a year, which is over way too fast And the best have lasted even less So you were just okay, I guess You were just okay I guess~
I could fly past the speed of sound Run a hundred miles in a single bound Never thought to wonder why Never had found an enemy Who had any chance of defeating me There were quite a few who tried Used to be unstoppable Doing the impossible CHORUS But now you're, now you're gone I don't feel INVINCIBLE Yeah now you're, now you're gone Now these nights, yeah, I'm on my own Staring at the face of oblivion I've never felt so weak Out of love, or out of hope Pain is the catalyst that keeps us afloat When things are looking bleak Used to be unstoppable Doing the impossible CHORUS I'm the final hero standing There's nothing but the sound Of nobody around I'm the final hero standing My friends have all disbanded They're crashing to the ground I could fly past the speed of sound Run a hundred miles in a single bound Now I know the reason why We could be unstoppable Doing the impossible
I, I thought we had a deal Were gonna keep our friendship real 'Cuz at the start we swore We needed nothing more I kicked your ass at PVP Your horror movies lost me sleep Talking trash, so juvenile You'd do anything to make me smile You, you were the best friend I could've ever asked for But in the end your goal Has always been to score CHORUS I, I, I just dodged a bullet My heart, heart, heart just wasn't in it You closed your eyes and tried to kiss me Crushed my trust, and now you're history I, I, I'm so disappointed My heart, heart, heart is so disjointed You won't make me yours, yeah, I'll be damned I'll be the best you never had Now, I can see the truth Your real colours have leaked through An ugly shade of greed Where your heart should be I miss the guy I thought I knew You're a fake, a flake, and a user too So shallow, you can't understand So grow up, boy, if you think you can You, you were the best friend I could've ever asked for But in the end your goal Has always been to score CHORUS I never saw this coming Didn't know what you were doing Now I'm out of sight and out of mind I should've seen this coming Should've known what you were doing I laughed so hard I cried
Teeth 04:36
Heaven is fading into Hell The double life and the lies we tell One day will they understand And smile back when we're holding hands? I build this fortress to keep you safe But now I know living half a life Is not a life, I'm done with being afraid CHORUS I don't care, I'll open up my mouth and show my teeth Sing about the things that I believe I don't care, I'll open up my mouth and show my teeth Maybe then we'll both be free? Soldiers in a shallow war Digging trenches we can't ignore 'Cuz darling, yeah darling you're my fate A spark of love in a world of hate (And I don't care what they say now) I build this armour to keep you safe But now I know living half a life Is not a life, I'm done with being afraid CHORUS


released May 5, 2015

Last Hero Standing & all tracks are (c) KIERAN STRANGE, 2015.
Record Label: Shameless Sound Records Inc.

Produced by BEN KAPLAN at Kaplankrunch Studios (Vancouver, BC).
Mixed, engineered, and programmed by BEN KAPLAN.
Mastered by JESSE CANNON (New York, NY).

TRACKS 1, 2, and 4 written and composed by Kieran Strange (SOCAN/ASCAP) and Steve Kravac (SOCAN/BMI). TRACK 3 written and composed by Kieran Strange (SOCAN/ASCAP), Ron Irving (SOCAN/ASCAP), and Sue Irving (SOCAN/BMI).

Drums played by Steve Kravac. Drums and Vocals engineered by Steve Kravac at Hell's Half Acre Studio (Los Angeles, CA). Guitars, Bass, and Keys engineered and played by Ben Kaplan at Kaplankrunch Studios @ Fader Mountain Sound (Vancouver, BC).

Management by Surprisingly Clever (Vancouver/LA/Manchester).
Tour Booking by SIN Agency (Toronto, ON).
Convention Booking by POC Booking (Denver, CO).
Vocal Coaching by Judith Rabinovitch (Vancouver, BC).
Photography by SHIMON Photo (Vancouver, BC).
Styling and Sharp Wit by Kat Morris (Vancouver, BC).
Graphic Design and Logos by Kieran Strange.



{Each name here represents hours and what could be pages of examples of how these folks have been there for me, helped me, cried for me, held my hand, believed in me, inspired me, and challenged me to be a better person. Thank you. I can't say it enough.}

Judith Rabinovitch, for being the friend and mentor I needed and for never, ever giving up on me. Steve Kravac, for peering into the darkest little corners of my soul and helping me find myself in these songs. Mr Big and the Group of 7, Rich Howland, Ron & Sue Irving, Kat & Aaron Morris, Bill Buckingham, Sandy & Don Graham, Dusty Exner (SIN Agency), Jinnie McManus (POC Booking), Ben Kaplan, Dale Peters, Jesse Cannon, Garth Richardson, Professor Shyguy, Apryl Peredo, Melanie Kaye, Michelle Cote, Wayne Elliott, Amber Noble, Shimon Karmel, Jill Pelletier, Rick Watson - seriously, I'd not be on this amazing journey if it weren't for your faith in me.

Amy Gilleland & Kit "KitFit" Watson - love you both for pushing me and keeping me strong. Ant - my cousin, tour manager, fellow Canuck, and li'l ray of bloody sunshine. Ryan & Treavor, AKA Chirii Bunny and Grumpy Sheep - two of the most talented, creative, and inspiring people I know. Kris Schmidt & Beth White, my BFFs <3. All of the staff, volunteers, and attendees at San Japan, Youmacon, Kumoricon, and Otafest (Jay!!! Levi, Ken, Dave, Tori, Amanda, Joe, Derrick | Queen V, Barbara, Owen, Morgan, Kathy, Amanda, Bird, Willow, Mary, Loveless | Sam, Kate, Caitie & Elyssa, Sammy, Spider, Sierra, Aly, Krall | Gareth, Shelby, Jei, Dylan, Dan, Nancy, Justin, Andrew, Shawn, Paul, Steph, Jenny, Ayla, Shaun, Cody, Mike, *inhales air*). Some of my fellow nerdlettes: Lauren Landa, Jon St. John, Sarah Sullivan, Erik Kimerer, Josh Grelle, Matthew Mercer, Patrick Seitz & Kris, David Eddings, Tyson Rineheart, Ken Pontac, Tom Wayland, Chris Ayres, David Vincent, Matt Sernaker, Kroze, Bo, Patrick, Martin Billany, Jackie Florian of 91.8 The Fan, Curtis Arnott, Sammy "MissFire" Oleary & Sean Fleck, Basch, Nova Vanderwoolf & Twin Foolz, Brian Hughes, Tyler James Nicol, Travis D. Stewart, Vicky Lau, Gladzy Kei, Vanessa Nanette, Jessika Dawn, Andy Ryuu & Alex, Kieran Wong.

Layla Rees <3. Mary & Darren "Daz" Haustead. Bradley Strange & Parker Freddie Strange. Christina Laura, the best sister in the entire world. Charlotte, Jorden, Shawnee, & the Blackwells. Jeff, Lyla, & the Chattertons. Nicole & Adamm Double-Em, and the future little one. Tammy (Canucks mom!) and Randy. Michelle Versteeg & Jourbo Dewey. Rich Duggan & Steve Falk. Medea L., Joanna D., Alicia Z., Danielle E., and Denisa D. <3. April & Justin, Luc & Kitty, Charke, Philmonster, Wayne C., Ron P., Jordan H., Mike S., Adam E., Angie D., Dan L., Brendan H., Lawrence G., Tyler B., Reece B., Allie M., and Randee & Aaron.

Tak, Lensei, Kensuke, Sean, & Kat-chan - my super sugoi guys <3. Shiraz, Paul, Kyle, Spencer, Eddie Lam Halen, Dave K., David I., Audrey A., Kirk, and everyone else I've ever rocked out with. Yoku Masaki, Lydia M., Tynisa & James, Jim C., Danika P., Karley & Kayla W., Hollie H., Mandi H., Christine M., Erika L., Amanda B., Mindy F., Kaitlyn M., Momo B., Justine & Josh, and Dez, April, & Shannon. The Vancouver Vipertooths and Clackamas Cruciatus. The Jonnies. Within Rust, This Side of Town, Kill Matilda, Lisa Nicole, Joey Clarkson, Survivors of the PC, Random Gibberish, Time Crash, Jenavive. Trembling Void Studios, Amy Fox, Kat Caudle, Jem Gerrard, and "The Switch" fam! Troy Samson. Steve McClintock, Tessa Delee, Greg Neher, Katie H. & Phil P., Reuben P., Devin O'Brien, Steve Auerbach, Sabie D., Cody R., Sierra R., Tanya L., Bailey Rae, Jenn & Joe, Terra & Drew, Jenguin, Chris-Sian, Jared H., and Matt & Hunter. Sara Urbauer & Sophia. Sarah "Uggy" Mapley, who encouraged my bad behaviour. Lynne & Paul, who encouraged my oddness (and flared jeans!).

For all your support: Tasty Peach Studios, Drklght Clothing, Mythril Wigs, Mitmunk, & LOGiiX. <3

For all your snuggles: Pippin, Tesla, Sherlock, Bowie, Moe, Fletcher, Smartie, Orka, Splat, Pork Chops, J'ar, Skittles, and Trousers. And of course, Jasper. <3

In loving memory of Kevin Mapley, Brian David James, and Bucky. <3

To all my friends in England, Calgary, across Texas, Portland, Detroit, Chicago, and the GVRD - I miss you guys every single day!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, the biggest of thanks to all of you. Yes, YOU LOT. The people who have purchased this EP, spread the word, and continue to support me on this journey - thank you from the bottom of my foggy little British heart. Stay #Strangers and #BeReckless til the end of your days, and then make sure you go out with a bang.

Kiery xo


all rights reserved



Neverwhere London, Ontario

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